Hi and welcome to my creative life!  I’m going to try to keep this brief, but it’s tricky when there is so much to cover. So, the abridged version is: I graduated from Sydney College of the Arts with a Bachelor of Visual Arts and have been fortunate enough to have continued to use my creative skills in many varied ways over my professional career. I’m a person who is passionate about the use of creativity to educate, challenge, communicate and heal both myself and others. With that in mind, I have worked and taught in many facets of art, including ceramics, jewellery making, painting, art journaling and general art/craft. In addition I have exhibited both my ceramic sculptures and my paintings and have created six large scale mosaic/ceramic murals on permanent display in public spaces.

I have worked creatively for many years, with disadvantaged individuals and the government and non-government agencies that support them. Many of the group programs and projects I have worked on have involved child and adult survivors of domestic violence, teenage mums, homeless women and children, single dads, those suffering from anxiety and depression, frail aged, disabled and other vulnerable and socially isolated individuals.  It has been an incredible gift to be able to introduce and encourage others to discover and develop a creative voice, especially those who are in deep emotional pain. It has also been amazing to see the transformational power of a supportive creative environment on group participants, to share their journey and see them blossom has been one of my greatest joys.

This work has informed my personal creative practice and has given me much to reflect upon and distil into the symbols and themes of my art. Despite the challenging nature of the group programs and the seriousness of the issues I have worked with, my overwhelming perspective on the world is one of gratitude. I am in awe at the strength of the human spirit and humbled by the incredible gifts available to us all, even in our darkest moments, if we are able to be present and open to each other.

In addition to all this visual expression, I spent many years as a singer/songwriter, performing and recording with a variety of bands, releasing through Festival Records, an EP and several singles, along with a number of songs on compilation albums.

My creative life continues and my latest adventures include the development of this site,  to feature  my  passion for painting and my life long addiction to drawing and using other social media platforms to expose my work to the world.( Facebook, Instagram and  Pinterest) In addition  I have  launched a new business called ‘Art Journeys’ with my business partner Leanne. The business involves facilitating thoughtful, creative group programs to adults of all ages. We are in the process of creating a website specifically for ‘Art Journeys’ (if we ever get a spare minute!)  So I won’t take up too much time trying to explain the programs here. Life is good and ever evolving and along with making time for family life with my partner and three kids it can seem a little full, but watch this space because I’m sure I’ll find room to squeeze in something else!

I’ve realised I left out my jewellery business, designing for other companies, years at Paddington Markets, the Radio program I present…….maybe a longer version one day.

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