Gallery 2016


These paintings were exhibited in November 2016 at Gauge Gallery Lilyfield.

The painting of the “Immanence” collection employ the patterns of fabric collected during recent years when travelling in Indonesia and Thailand. I’ve used these materials as a metaphor for the connecting fabric of the universe. Their designs, seen as shadows or glimpses in my work, allude to the infinite and intricate designs of the universe, whose elements connect us all to it and to each other.

I believe that all creation is an expression of a divine energy, endlessly creating aspects of itself. That energy exists within us all and within all of our moments ; small gifts within sorrow and loss, in our moments of not knowing as much as in our moments of joy.

Each painting depicts an aspect of that energy, drawing the viewer in through colour, patterns, lines and visual impact. Each work, as each of our days, has a layered depth to be pondered, explored and hopefully delighted in. I hope you enjoy the “immanence” collection.

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