New Work 2015

I’ve been working hard, pushing myself into new territory. My original ‘New Work’ post has led me to create a series of pieces, inspired by our connection to nature and it’s denial in a technologically driven world.

We live in strange times. Social media creates a faux intimacy where individuals madly post snapshots of fake idillic lifestyles to an imaginary audience of riveted ‘friends’ and followers. We can feel even more alone, separated by our need to create a perfect public face. My new work explores this illusion of separateness with portraits painted on stark white backgrounds. The portraits themselves are lush, vibrant and alive with tendrils, seed pods, flowers and foliage. This imagery endeavours to remind the viewer that regardless of how separate we may feel or want to be, we are all part of a huge ecosystem, intrinsically connected to all other creations. Beneath our surface of pristine, fabricated perfection, lies our true essence, lush, creative, messy and part of the natural world around and within us.



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