I have an upcoming exhibition with fellow artist Lynore Avery. The show is entitled “immanence” which in a nut shell is the existence of the Devine in all things. My paintings in the show are on fabric on canvas collected from my travels overseas in the last few years. Fabric seemed to be the perfect metaphor for exploring the interconnection between all things; the fabric of the universe. The works are layered and vibrant,  as is my way and reveal more of the themselves the longer you look. I love how shadows or glimpses of Thai or Indonesian fabric can be seen, but are mostly obscured by layers of paint, colour and line. Faces rest in reflection, or gaze directly at the viewer hinting at hidden emotions. Plants from my yard also plays a prominent role, some true to form and others altered to create skeletal structures, through which other layers of colour and design can be seen.

Opening night is the 19th of November from 6-8pm. Details are on the invitation below.please come along, I’d love to see your lovely faces.

Till next time,

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As you know,  I have started an informal collaboration with a writer on Instagram. He contacted me this week with a short story and asked if I was inspired, could provide a drawing. For Instagram purposes, his stories can only be 250 words long and I realise now, my drawings should be in a square format, or they will be cropped and lose details from one end. Fortunately the image is not hampered by these restrictions here on my website! Please enjoy ‘Reflections’ by @jcenno, illustrated by  @emeljurd check us out on instagram. Oh and I’m still working on my website and will be today, so it may look different, or a mess, depending on how much work I get done. Let me know if you like the collaboration idea and/or my new look website.


The ornate mirror hung off the wall innocuously. It’s silver filigree of curves ran around its border like a river of mercury that never ended. I stood in the doorway watching Kristy wash her face. The white basin that stood before her caught her restless dreams and drank last night away.

She was the strongest woman I had ever known but today might be the day. As she padded her face with a small towel, her eyes peeked every now and then into the mirror. Eventually she slowly lowered her towel and stared at her reflection. As tears welled up in her eyes, her hands gripped the basin; a mixture of anger and sadness. The unbearable loss, I knew she was feeling, began to take its toll. The mirror silently reflecting her anguish.


With sudden fury she threw a cup causing a rippling web of splinters and cracks across the mirror. Kristy crumpled to the floor sobbing.

I knelt down and gently wrapped my arms around her.

“I’m sorry,” she said.

I knew exactly what she was referring to but asked anyway. “For what? There’s nothing to apologise for. It was beyond your control.”

She knew exactly what I was referring to and didn’t need to elaborate. Instead she said, “I broke the mirror.”

I answered, “Reflecting on the past can make us stronger but there’s nothing wrong if it doesn’t.” I looked at the fractured shards falling in the basin and added, “Besides it’s just a mirror.”