A Simple Dream Made Real

IMG_0989.JPG I have wanted to build a place to create in my backyard for as long as I can remember. There was always something else that needed any money I had. School fees, renovations to house our growing family, general costs of living in a big city, and even a family holiday all took precedence. Finally I thought, if I don’t do this, it will NEVER HAPPEN! There will always be something else to save for, or spend any money we have on, or worse still I’ll just decide there is no point. So with that in mind, I found a great company, Cabin Kits Galore (free plug), payed the deposit and waited for the big build day to arrive. I counted the days down like a kid waiting for Christmas and finally, yesterday, they came and built this wonderful space in a single day.

Today I’ve been cleaning stickers and some impossibly stubborn sticky stuff off the windows, handles and the gorgeous French doors. I’ve vacuumed up sawdust, swept it’s little verandah, worked out what paint I need to buy and am still mulling over options for what will go where. Someone up the road chucked out the perfect storage shelf that I snaffled. I’ve cleaned it up and will probably paint it. The universe provides again! Ben and I laid Lino on the floor( best option for spills and mess) and now I’m so pooped I could sleep for a week! I wish it wasn’t so stinking hot. I want to start painting!

IMG_0990.JPGCan you believe how perfect these shelves are?Thank you universe!

Till next time, Share the love.

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