Progress Report

Just a short post, I’ve been so busy fixing up the studio and yard I’ve had no time to write, or do much creating. Guess I’m creating a space to create, but I really miss making art. Keeping my hand in with drawings that you can Check out on my instagram account.
I thought I would give everyone an update on the progress of my studio. Let me tell you, I have so much respect for people who paint houses for a living, It’s soooooo time consuming and fiddly and progress is so slow. The inside walls just kept soaking up all the paint, so I had to get a special primer and that seems to be doing the trick. It’s made to cover stains, it’s awesome, one coat of it was like three coats of the British Paints stuff I bought.
I also scored some cheap Dulux paint from a hardware store that’s closing down near me, reduced from $96 to $20!!!!! Very happy about that, sad though to see the hardware go, so many DIY’s, so many memories.
Any way, the outside is looking great! I still have to wait for the deck wood to “season” ( whatever that means) before I can stain it, but already it feels like I have my own little alfresco cafe in the backyard. It’s so nice to sit there and have a cuppa and a chat with whoever is around.
The inside still needs the cheap Dulux on the walls and I think I’ll leave the ceiling raw, (cause I’m too lazy to paint it). I’ve painted the shelves that were thrown out down the road and they look perfect and I’ve got an old desk that has travelled everywhere with me for years. My son was using it, but he’s happy to swap it for a modern one I have. I’m going to give it a lick of paint today, with my magic, stain covering paint. Hopefully, I’ll be finished painting this week and I’ll be able to move in and get to work on some more art. Wish I could just wave a magic wand!

The pictures are of the front of the cabin, obviously, the view from the verandah, complete with trench for the cables to give me power and internet access and the beautiful view framed by the window on the side of the cabin. I’ll post the inside when I get it all set up.

Till next time,

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8 thoughts on “Progress Report

  1. hi @emeljurd !
    I was surprised that you mentioned australia, a bit near to indonesia, turned out we’re neighbors! I opened your bio hoping there’s an email address over there to contact you, but turned out I found this beautiful website! Love how you spread positive energy through this! and congratulations for the new studio, I dream of having one too one day in the future, hahaha
    Which part of Australia are you in?
    My mother was planning to go for Melbourne and around there with her group next year, maybe you have some insights where to go? Especially places for art and architecture, she loves exploring places with nice atmosphere 🙂
    Well I guess that’s all for now, I’m looking forward to keep in touch with you.

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    • Hi, i was writing and it dissapeared.I dont know if it sent itself or deleted, so forgive me if I repeat myself. I live in Sydney, but my partner is from Melbourne.We’ll be down there some time in the Christmas holidays, so I can ask family and friends where some good places to go are.
      I’m glad you enjoyed my posts. I hope it doesnt sound too preachy, I just think being grateful for all we have is important and just trying to be kind and thoughtful can make a big difference to our own and the lives of others.
      I’m new to all this social media stuff, so I’m trying to work out how everything works.
      Cool you tracked me down!😊


    • Hi Ayu, can I just check that you recieved my message back to you. A couple of other people haven’t and I would hate you to think I had ignored your lovely message to me. Thanks.😊


  2. hi!
    After i sent you that comment, i got an email asking me if i wanted a notification once there other comments in this post. I responded yes but however I didn’t receive any until today, so I decided to look it up myself, and I found them 😀
    Well I didn’t find it preachy, more to sharing what you have in mind. Guess we’re having the same ‘language’ in mind so it goes just great for me reading through them.
    Going to Melbourne for christmas? If so, hopefully it runs well with the family, making new happy memories on your holiday 🙂 My mother said they are planning for Melb and Hobart too. A road trip full of natural views and great outdoor spaces. They intend to sleep on a caravan too, oh I’m a jealous daughter! 😀

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    • Hi Ayu, I’m not sure what went wrong, but I’m really glad you read my reply. Your mum sounds like an adventurer! I’ll let you know what I find out about good spots to go to in Melbourne. One place we want to go as a family is Phillip Island, it’s 140 kms south of Melbourne and you can see the Penguins arrive home, coming out of the sea at dusk to return to their nests in the sand dunes. Really cute!


    • Im glad you found my reply.I dont know why youre not getting a notification when theres a new comment. Theres a little box you can tick for notifications below the comment box.Maybe tick that.
      Oh, and somewhere I want to go in Melbourne is Phillip Island. You can go and watch the penguins march up out of the sea and return to their nests there. Hanging Rock is beautiful too.There was a fictional movie called Picnic at Hanging Rock.It’s a very mysterious movie and has made Hangig Rock a popular destination.


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