The Power of Creativity

I believe that creativity is healing and that using our creativity provides a direct connection to our vulnerability, our innocence, our true selves. Engaging people creatively, is a powerful way to educate and free people from emotional and sometimes even physical pain. It’s not a magic wand, but it is profound. In my work life, I’ve witnessed hundreds of children, youth and adults blossom through playing with colour, paint, clay, collage or anything else we could think of to throw into the mix. With creative tools and a supportive environment, masks slips off and the freedom to relax and to be good enough is revealed. In group situation, people begin to listen to each other and themselves, they make friends and share their experiences and creations. Most importantly, they start to glimpse their true value and realise they’re not alone, that their stories have meaning and their personal journeys are important both to them and others. An incredible transformation occurs! Some people actually look different, brighter, lighter. Their energy changes and they see possibilities in their lives that they couldnt see before.

Being creative isn’t being “arty farty”, it’s not a waste of time, and it’s not being self indulgent. Being creative is an important way of communicating with ourselves and expressing thoughts and emotions that may not yet have words. Creativity allows us to step out of our structured , “these are the facts”, left brain and allow the potential of the creative right brain to hold the reins for a while. Group work is fun and incredibly rewarding and yes, it can be challenging and exhausting. It takes focus and a willingness to be present to keep everyone on track and feeling safe while this blossoming occurs. Being able to care and support people to heal in this way, while sharing the joy of their creative discoveries is an incredible honour and has been one of the great gifts of my life. I want to encourage everyone to create in a way that is meaningful to them. So choose your creative medium folks! Draw, paint, cook, garden, write or rearrange the lounge room, because it is within this creative activity that each of us can express our own unique gift of ourselves to the world.

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