Gallery and Drawings

Hi Everyone, Just wanted you to know, I’ve been painting and drawing constantly, but we are having a spot of bother with our computer. First our computer crashed and wouldn’t reboot. We sent it off for surgery and fortunately we were able to retrieve the contents, but the patient was beyond help. Our temporary fix, proved to be very temporary, so we bit the bullet and purchased a shiny new, sexy as a computer can get, replacement…… And it’s screen went demented, like a technicolor snow storm! So now, poor Ben is in an endless round of communications with Dell Computers and we wait for the “parts” which will apparently fix this problem. Don’t know why they don’t just replace the bloody thing, like most businesses do!

So, long story long, I can’t download and edit images, can’t start creating prints of my work and can only post poor quality images on instagram from my ipad. Boo hoo,……….snap out of it girl! Plan B is focusing on creating lots of work and not getting sucked into the internet vortex. In the light of recent events here and abroad, this is very small stuff. Trust that as soon as the computer is operational I will be posting lots and lots of drawings and quite a few paintings as well AND getting PayPal attached to my account for safe purchases!

Have a wonderful day,! I’m off to find out how my son did in his HSC, it’s very quiet in his room……….

Till next time,

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2 thoughts on “Gallery and Drawings

    • Yes thanks he is. He’s already been offered a place at Maquarie Uni, so the pressure is off and he can see if he’s offered anything better on the 21st when the first round of offers are announced.


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