Setting Up My Gallery

Well exciting news! (At least for me) Rather than waiting for the perfect images or the perfect blog to post, I have decided to just start and no doubt as time goes on I will get better at all things related to this site. Being a perfectionist can be so crippeling, perfect rarely exists in the way we think it ‘should” and there’s so much more fun and learning in imperfect. So to counter this particular personality challenge, I have created a mid-years resolution:  Just give it a go! Simple, but profound. This website is one of the many results of this new perspective and through it I hope to share many other challenges and outcomes, as I journey toward transforming my life again.

Thank you for reading my first post and please visit my ‘Gallery’ page to see  images of my work from the last few months. (Click the bars at the top left of this page)There is also an image I just posted on the New Work page, giving a preview of the direction my current work is going in.

I would love to hear your feedback and hope to put more information about my work, inspirations and  images in the near future.(probably after the school holidays)

Till next time, share the love.


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