Fear V Love

I’ve been working hard since I last wrote here. I’m developing skills in photographing and the editing of my artwork, I’ve exhibited my work in several group shows, I’m making new friends with other artists for fun and collaboration, posting on social media, painting, attending workshops, you name it, I’ve been there, pushing, forcing myself into increasingly uncomfortable places, far from my comfort zone.

Growth Has It's Season Gouache and Acrylic on Canvas 12 x 12 inch

Growth Has It’s Season Gouache and Acrylic on Canvas 12 x 12 inches

There always seems to be so much to do and with every step forward, more questions arise! With each new direction, or decision, fear and love my life long companions whisper in each ear, each one fighting to be heard, in an endless battle for supremacy. I know I’m not alone, all of us experience this battle. The further from our comfort zone we get, the louder fear becomes, whispering at first, then nagging like a shrew; “You can’t do it”……… You’re too old, young, fat, stupid, poor, whatever put down perfectly fits our personal repertoire of insecurities. Fear often has the loudest voice as it has shame, guilt and failure as allies, but if we listen closer, beneath fear’s undermining soundtrack, the sweet tones of love sing a different tune. The song of love resonates with our destiny, our greatest passions and desires. The song of love has truth, serendipity, miracles, magic and so much more as allies. The song of love resonates within our cells, harking back to a time when we were new and fearless, when life was a beautiful, safe adventure.
My commitment is to continue to look at opportunities and challenges and make my decisions based on love, not fear. Fear will undermine, doubt and be suspicious of adventure and opportunity, begging us to stay put, to not take risks, to be careful, to ultimately be less. On the other hand, decisions based on love feel exhilarating, like plunging into a cool stream! The energy feels expansive and exciting, still challenging, but somehow, just right.

Communion  Gauche and Acrylic on Canvas12 x 12 Inch

Communion Gouache and Acrylic on Canvas12 x 12 Inch

I’ve got lots of work to put up on the website in a new gallery for 2015, but as I mentioned, there’s so much to do. I’m working on some products for sale and want to get a professional portfolio done for licencing designs and approaching galleries. It would all happen a lot faster, if I could just clone myself!  Anyway, I’ll pop a couple of images up with this post and check me out on instagram @emeljurd to see loads of my drawings and progress images of paintings as well as a few random shots of our new puppy Eddy. Good luck with your challenges and decisions and remember, love, not fear!

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Transforming. A Life Long Journey

I started a new painting yesterday and as always, as I paint, I think. I got to thinking about the struggle to remain positive and focused in a world that bombards us all with images of horror and has a vested interest in selling us the lie that we are not enough, we don’t have enough.  “They” say we need to work harder, to be and have a whole lot more than we currently are and have, so possibly in a far off point, in a distant future, we can rest and “Be” as opposed to do ( read: buy, diet, nip, tuck, climb the ladder, live in a better suburb, bigger house, do Yoga, eat Paleo, Macro, Raw, Organic) So here’s the scoop, I’m not perfect and neither is anything or anyone. Lets set ourselves free for the real journey.

The point of this brief rant is that we can transform this sense of lack and less-than-ness. Instead of focusing on who you are not, be who you are. Be it till your muscles ache and your face hurts, till the tears stream down your face and your heart feels like it will explode, till you’re so far out on a limb you’re flapping in the breeze. Because when you do this, you will see all the other crazy dreamers and schemers smiling and waving from their limbs, laughing in the wind and staring down at the tiny ants of worry and what-if’s down below.

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Setting Up My Gallery

Well exciting news! (At least for me) Rather than waiting for the perfect images or the perfect blog to post, I have decided to just start and no doubt as time goes on I will get better at all things related to this site. Being a perfectionist can be so crippeling, perfect rarely exists in the way we think it ‘should” and there’s so much more fun and learning in imperfect. So to counter this particular personality challenge, I have created a mid-years resolution:  Just give it a go! Simple, but profound. This website is one of the many results of this new perspective and through it I hope to share many other challenges and outcomes, as I journey toward transforming my life again.

Thank you for reading my first post and please visit my ‘Gallery’ page to see  images of my work from the last few months. (Click the bars at the top left of this page)There is also an image I just posted on the New Work page, giving a preview of the direction my current work is going in.

I would love to hear your feedback and hope to put more information about my work, inspirations and  images in the near future.(probably after the school holidays)

Till next time, share the love.