Growth Curves.

I know I haven’t posted anything for a couple of weeks, but I have been far from idle. Along with having the kids at home on school holidays, I have been on an exponential social media growth curve! I’ve signed up to Instagram, Pinterest and re activated my Facebook account. I’ve been drawing up a storm ( it’s easier to squeeze in, between sandwiches, arguments, HSC pep talks and loads of washing, than painting) I’ve also been posting the results on my new found social media platforms. I hope to create a drawing gallery here on my website in the next few days, so I can show a collection of my favourite drawings in one place.


Finally and just as importantly, Leanne, my dear friend /business partner and I have launched our new business “Art Journeys” and have completed 2 concurrent, 7 week group programs called ” A Life Well Lived”
The workshops engaged clients between the ages of 40 and 93 (Amazing!!!!!) in creative and relaxation/ meditation exercises, designed to increase wellbeing, while having a lot of fun. Leanne and I were both so overwhelmed with the impact the program had on all the participants. They reported incredible benefits to their self-esteem, mental health and general sense of connectedness to life, each other and their creativity. Many new friendships blossomed and amazing work was created, both during classes and through the week as they worked on their ‘homework’.
Our intention was always to create a thoughtful, supportive and creative experience and I feel so privileged to have met such wonderful people and to have been able to share some of my time and skills with them. I am also humbled by the gift of achieving way more than we dreamed we could over the time we shared with each group.

Stay tuned for more news regrading “Art Journeys” and our “A Life Well Lived ” program as we now write reports and follow up on leads to provide the program to other organisations. Leanne and I also need to create another website specifically for ” Art Journeys”, but as it doesn’t exist yet, I couldn’t resist writing a little bit about it here.

The growth curve continues…….

Till next time, Share the Love!

2 thoughts on “Growth Curves.

  1. Emel I love your new drawing. Our new business has been wonderfully received by our first lot of clients. Their feedback was amazing. The amazing changes to their well being /mental health/ connectedness was overwhelming……not to mention their shared joy. Leanne


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