Transforming. A Life Long Journey

I started a new painting yesterday and as always, as I paint, I think. I got to thinking about the struggle to remain positive and focused in a world that bombards us all with images of horror and has a vested interest in selling us the lie that we are not enough, we don’t have enough.  “They” say we need to work harder, to be and have a whole lot more than we currently are and have, so possibly in a far off point, in a distant future, we can rest and “Be” as opposed to do ( read: buy, diet, nip, tuck, climb the ladder, live in a better suburb, bigger house, do Yoga, eat Paleo, Macro, Raw, Organic) So here’s the scoop, I’m not perfect and neither is anything or anyone. Lets set ourselves free for the real journey.

The point of this brief rant is that we can transform this sense of lack and less-than-ness. Instead of focusing on who you are not, be who you are. Be it till your muscles ache and your face hurts, till the tears stream down your face and your heart feels like it will explode, till you’re so far out on a limb you’re flapping in the breeze. Because when you do this, you will see all the other crazy dreamers and schemers smiling and waving from their limbs, laughing in the wind and staring down at the tiny ants of worry and what-if’s down below.

Till next time.
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