Happy Old and New Year

It’s the first day of 2015. I’m still in bed, not from late night revelling, but just because I can be; school holidays and all. It’s been a big year for me and I thought, before embracing 2015 with gusto, I would thank 2014 for all her gifts.

In 2014 I started a new business with my dear friend and talented counsellor/ Mindfullness advocate, Leanne Collins. We named the business ‘Art Journey’s’ , a name that perfectly encapsulates the inward and outward journey creatively expressing ourselves ignites. We’ve run with opportunities, facilitating creative workshops, developing ideas for new ones and now need to focus on playing catch-up with a website, finalising brochure designs and business cards. We already have work booked for 2015 and tentative plans for a book!!!!! So it’s all systems go on the ‘Art Journey’s ‘ front.

The last 3 months of 2014 were particularly affirming for me. I made a commitment to my art practice, building a studio in my yard in November. I love my little creative haven, it’s somewhere I’ve wanted from the moment we bought this home, many years ago. I think of all 2014’s gifts, this creative space is by far it’s best! I’ve got 3 words for all the creatives out there, toiling away on kitchen tables, boiling sunrooms and freezing garages, ‘Cabin Kits Galore’! Check them out, they put this little baby up in A DAY!




In this last 3 months I’ve been creatively prolific, painting and drawing daily. I’ve introduced myself to social media, becoming active on Facebook, Instagram and created my website. I’ve amassed followers! Wow, was that a revelation! People actually like and sometimes even love my work! Social media has linked me with a world of amazing creative people who understand the compulsion to create. People who struggle with the same insecurities and vulnerabilities inherent in dragging something from the core of your being and placing it out in the world for public scrutiny. It has been such a blessing to connect with these gifted and amazing souls. They understand we create because we have to, because life is dull and pointless if we do not. After a life of being driven by my creative urges, but always feeling out of place, I have finally found a place to belong in the virtual world, which has helped me thrive in my creative practice in the real world.

The last amazing revelation of this year has been people purchasing the paintings and drawings I create! I’ve not made it easy for people to buy from me and yet they have. I plan to create prints, add PayPal and maybe some other products in 2015. I’d like to have an exhibition of my paintings or participate in a group show or two, if I can find some artistic buddies in Sydney. I have a book cover to create for my talented nephew and… Well you get the idea.
So, armed with my new kettle, my cool retro radio (bought for me by my lovely man) and a head full of schemes, I farewell dear 2014 and thank you for all your gifts. I now turn to embrace you 2015. Bring it on baby, I’m ready for an awesome year and wish you all the same!

Till next time,

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