Hi everyone! It’s been really difficult to find time to blog. It’s school holidays here, six weeks of joy and bonding ( I’m being sarcastic) I love my kids to bits, but we’ve got 2 weeks to go and I’ve run out of fun ways to entertain them and if I hear: “This Sucks” or “I’m bored” or “Why can’t we just stay home?” I may spontaneously combust!

Anyway, I thought I would post some of the things that I have been finding inspirational over this last six weeks. We’ve travelled South to Melbourne for Christmas get togethers with family and friends, then North to Nelson Bay for a wonderful beach house holiday, courtesy of my dear friend Leanne and her husband. These adventures have brought out the iphone photographer in me. I tend to avoid taking photos, I like to be immersed in what is actually happening, not distanced by some apparatus, but I have to say, I have really enjoyed sharing how I see the world with others. It goes some way to explaining why I feel so grateful most of the time and why I think this world is constantly amazing and full of everyday gifts.

I could keep posting images forever, but I thought I’d just give a little glimpse. I don’t use filters or editing. These pictures are as I took them from my iphone 4. I love how the time of day and the light impacts our world, the way we see things and these pictures.

Sorento Victoria

                                                                                Sorento Victoria

Flowering Artichokes at Red Hill Victoria

                                                      Flowering Artichokes at Red Hill, Victoria 

Sunflowers in Leichhardt NSW

                                                                   Sunflowers in Leichhardt, NSW

Sea Trees at Malabar Beach NSW

                                                                   Sea Trees at Malabar Beach

Nelson Bay Marina NSW

                                                                        Nelson Bay Marina NSW

Dutchies Nelson Bay NSW

                                                                          “Dutchies”  Nelson Bay

Old termite mounds repurposed by birds to nest in.

                                     Old termite mounds repurposed by birds to nest in.

Water and Stone

                                                                   Water and Stone

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